A huge railway bridge and timber trestle was built in 1880 to bring iron ore to the steel mills of Pueblo, Colorado.

The bridge and trestle were built using Douglas Fir timbers from the coasts of California and Washington. The virgin timbers were milled from trees that were over 1000 years old.

- Some natural faces have a red coloration, which was a natural 100 year long process caused by iron dust accumulating and rusting into the surface of the wood


- Available in sizing up to 12" x 20" x 32' long

- All timbers can be structurally graded


- Oak and Douglas Fir available in a variety of natural patina's

- Custom finishing available upon request

Shiplap | T&G | Square Edge | Board and Batt | Mondo Bevel and many more

Doug Fir Finish Options

Natural Face, warm grey

Doug Fir Finish Options

Natural Face, washed brown

Doug Fir Finish Options

Natural Iron Rusted Face

Doug Fir Finish Options

Skip Planed Natural face

Doug Fir Finish Options

Re-sawn Clear

Oak Finish Options

Natural face

Rocky mountain mills finish options

Natural, Warm Sanded Face

Oak Finish Options

Natural, Skip Planned Face

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